Virgo Free Weekly Horoscope Forecast

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Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
Week 29 of 2019
Week Starting On: July 15 to July 21

Week of Jul 15, 2019: Being tapped to take on a major creative project or finding yourself craving fun, magical, light-hearted time with someone special could very well be your focus around July 16 when the full moon and partial lunar eclipse falls in your fifth house of romance. Either way, the moment calls for you to tap into your natural ability to express yourself and open up about what’s in your heart.

Then, from July 19 to 31, communicator Mercury—which is currently retrograde—moves backward through your eleventh house of networking, making it a prime time to reconnect with former colleagues, casual acquaintances, and dear friends. By catching up over happy hour or an impromptu phone call, you could muse about the past and even pinpoint promising ways of working together in the future.

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