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Thinking about the week ahead? Well, if you read your weekly horoscope for this week that have been forge and written by the stars you won’t need to worry on anything. Get tips and advice for this week by choosing your zodiac sign bellow and read your free horoscope with ease.

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Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )

~ Aries Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: Make a big splash as the week begins! Monday is an excellent day for pioneering ideas and activities, and all eyes are on you as you forge a new path. On Tuesday ...

Taurus ( 20 Apr - 20 May )

~ Taurus Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: You might have a hard time trusting others on Monday, and you should pay heed to that hesitance. Risks right now probably won't pay off, and you need watch out for your ...

Gemini ( 21 May - 20 Jun )

~ Gemini Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: You just can't beat teamwork, at least not on Monday. You'll get the most done (and have the most fun) if you can partner up with others and work towards a common ...

Cancer ( 21 Jun - 22 Jul )

~ Cancer Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: Do something for yourself on Monday! You've done enough for others lately, and you deserve some healthy self-indulgence -- especially if it involves some quiet time to yourself. On Tuesday and Wednesday, ...

Leo ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug )

~ Leo Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: Romance is on the rise on Monday! You're full of fire and flirtatiousness as the week begins, and your energy knows no bounds -- expect others (naturally) to fall smitten at your ...

Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )

~ Virgo Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: You'll want to rush ahead on Monday, but you can't. Obligations and obstacles block your way as the week begins, and you'll need to just go with the flow. On Tuesday and ...

Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )

~ Libra Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: You can communicate with unusual quickness and clarity as the week begins. Use your excellent articulation to explore big ideas and let others know what you're really thinking. On Tuesday and Wednesday, ...

Scorpio ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov )

~ Scorpio Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: Go on and get up caught up in the moment on Monday! Your week begins with an overdue surge of impulsiveness -- although beware that someone influential might encourage you to take ...

Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )

~ Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: It's a red-letter Monday! Ah, if only all your weeks could start out this way. All your best qualities -- your playfulness, optimism and good-natured charm -- are doubled for the day. ...

Capricorn ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan )

~ Capricorn Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: Anything is possible on Monday with a little perseverance. You just need to dig in and stick to your plans to make things happen as the week begins. On Tuesday and Wednesday, ...

Aquarius ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb )

~ Aquarius Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: Find a common cause on Monday. You'll do your best work -- and have the most fun, too! -- if you can connect with others who want the same things you do. ...

Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )

~ Pisces Weekly Horoscope ~

Jul 16, 2018: Luck is on your side on Monday! Fortune favors you as the week begins, provided you're smart and attentive about how you press your advantage. (One tip: Just be sure to think ...

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