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Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
TodaySunday - November 17, 2019Flirt

Nov 17, 2019: Your old organizational system has proven to be useless. You need a whole new way of getting your life in order. And your books and clothes. And all your music. It's getting crazy.

For Singles

Nov 17, 2019: Your personal love philosophy is undergoing some changes now—or at least it should be. Look for ways to evolve. Expressing yourself and asking some deeper questions is a good way to begin.

For Couples

Nov 17, 2019: If you're having second thoughts, don't entrust the mortgage payment to your sweetie. You know they have absent-minded tendencies sometimes. Save yourself -- and your relationship -- a lot of grief.

TomorrowMonday - November 18, 2019Flirt

Nov 18, 2019: Everything was pretty clear yesterday, but now you're realizing that this is going to be a lot more confusing than you could have predicted. It's amazing how complicated these things get.

For Singles

Nov 18, 2019: Do the finer details matter more to you than the bigger picture? If you obsessed over the small stuff you might be missing the overall master plan. Romance isn't an exact science.

For Couples

Nov 18, 2019: It's important to you to have mutual understanding with your partner. If you feel like you are not on the same page, make the effort to see their side. You may not agree, but you'll know what they're thinking.

YesterdaySaturday - November 16, 2019Flirt

Nov 16, 2019: Your old system has proven to be useless. You need a new way of keeping your life in order. That is, at least until you're rich and glamorous enough to hire a personal assistant.

For Singles

Nov 16, 2019: That charisma of yours means you can get along with just about anyone at the moment, and the way you put people at ease is remarkable. Don't be surprised if you attract some new admirers!

For Couples

Nov 16, 2019: Simple doesn't always equal easy, especially when it comes to making choices in a partnership. However, the simplest, most expedient choice is usually the best one. So it may not be easy, but it must be done.

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