Love Horoscope For Virgo

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Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
TodayWednesday - July 18, 2018Flirt

Jul 18, 2018: You have enough problems without worrying about divvying up bills or chores or whatever. If people don't just do what's right, you should pitch a fit until it's easier for them to go along.

For Singles

Jul 18, 2018: You feel somewhat overwhelmed right now, but the more you've got to do (and the more flexible you are), the better the chances of finding romance! Embrace whatever comes your way today.

For Couples

Jul 18, 2018: You're trying to figure out where all of this is going, but what about enjoying what's happening between you two right now? Heck, when you look at it that way, this situation just got a whole lot lighter and easier.

TomorrowThursday - July 19, 2018Flirt

Jul 19, 2018: You need to get out there and see the world -- and right now is a great time to start! You may not be ready, but you can at least use some of your good energy to make plans for the near future.

For Singles

Jul 19, 2018: Who is setting the pace today, not to mention establishing the tone? Are they pushy, unresponsive, or just dashing your expectations? The romantic situation is shifting now -- how about your attitude?

For Couples

Jul 19, 2018: It's nice to be on the move, but slow has its pleasures, too. You don't feel right if you're not accomplishing anything, though. Think of it this way: Lingering bonds you with your sweetie right when you both need it.

YesterdayTuesday - July 17, 2018Flirt

Jul 17, 2018: Don't be shy about mixing it up with people who are trying to steamroll over you -- it's easy to give at least as good as you get on a day like today! If you step on toes, apologize later.

For Singles

Jul 17, 2018: You might feel like doing nothing at all, but your energy exchange can be amazing -- even shocking -- now. Even if you simply ring up an old pal or chat online with a new hottie, make sure you get in touch.

For Couples

Jul 17, 2018: Try to fully appreciate your significant other, even if they're not perfect. (Then again, who is?) Their support has truly been invaluable in your life, and your acknowledgement means a lot to them.

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