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Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
TodayMonday - July 22, 2019Flirt

Jul 21, 2019: Look to friends for help. After all, you're usually the one with all the facts and analyses, but somehow, you're coming up blank. The tables have turned, and now you're looking for answers amid your own confusion and ambivalence.

For Singles

Jul 21, 2019: Go for romance even when it feels impossible. You never know unless you try, so take a risk on that special friend you've been waiting to approach with the next level of your relationship.

For Couples

Jul 21, 2019: The next few days may be a struggle, but your dedication to making things work will keep your relationship on track. Minor setbacks happen, but if you learn from them, it won't be so bad.

TomorrowTuesday - July 23, 2019Flirt

Jul 22, 2019: If the gossip starts early in the day, excuse yourself -- quickly. Consider cutting back on your appetite for drama, especially when it comes to the ridiculous histrionics of your friends. Later today, tend to familial obligations and spend time with your parents.

For Singles

Jul 22, 2019: Ambition doesn't just apply to work. When you put the same energy into finding a lover as you do in solving a problem in the office, you might be happily surprised by the results.

For Couples

Jul 22, 2019: Force yourself to do something out of your comfort zone today. If your honey's been wanting you to join them in their favorite activity, it's time to stop making excuses and dive right in!

YesterdaySunday - July 21, 2019Flirt

Jul 20, 2019: Steamy is your word of the day, and it doesn't refer to the weather. You're looking gorgeous, and if your crush doesn't faint at the sight of you, that's because your sly glance is reason enough to stay conscious.

For Singles

Jul 20, 2019: It's a good day to let a friend know how much you care about them. Send flowers or take them out to dinner as thanks. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so make it really count. Good pals are hard to come by.

For Couples

Jul 20, 2019: Admit it, you've got some pretty wild ideas! Let your honey in on something you really want to try in the bedroom. Chances are, they'll be more than willing to give it a shot.

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