Love Horoscope For Taurus

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Taurus ( 20 Apr - 20 May )
TodaySunday - November 18, 2018Flirt

Nov 18, 2018: You're going through some pretty big stuff right now, but you know you're up for it. If you're down, just dive into it and let yourself feel it -- things should start to pick up pretty soon.

For Singles

Nov 18, 2018: Someone you had written off wants a second chance. It could be they rubbed you the wrong way at first, but can you overlook their awkwardness and give them another go? You could find that the second time is twice as good.

For Couples

Nov 18, 2018: You have your own meticulous way of doing things, so don't expect your partner to have the same picky sensibilities. Everyone is unique in how they approach a challenge and solve it.

TomorrowMonday - November 19, 2018Flirt

Nov 19, 2018: Your passions are fully engaged right now, and you might almost scare at least one person who's not used to your intensity. That's cool because you have enough solidity to reassure them.

For Singles

Nov 19, 2018: Someone new has left you confused. To gain understanding, you need to see things from their P.O.V. If you're still not sure what's what, wait for the right time, then ask for clarification. It's possible the answer is something wild.

For Couples

Nov 19, 2018: Did your honey do something to rub you the wrong way? Chances are it might have been an innocent misunderstanding. Best to clear the air now and say exactly how you feel about your partner's actions.

YesterdaySaturday - November 17, 2018Flirt

Nov 17, 2018: You don't want to go to work or do much of anything else -- your energy needs to recharge for a while, and you are having a great time just hanging out with friends or housemates and scoping out hotties.

For Singles

Nov 17, 2018: Start things off early by making today special. Take a nice long lunch or treat yourself to a mani-pedi. Bring flowers home to spruce up your place, then spend the night relaxing with friends and meeting new people.

For Couples

Nov 17, 2018: Your relationship may feel like it's inching along like a slow-moving turtle, but there's no need to speed up the process to a stage neither of you is ready for. There's no fast-forward button on love.

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