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Taurus ( 20 Apr - 20 May )
TodayWednesday - July 18, 2018Flirt

Jul 18, 2018: You need to make sure you're not just going along with people to please them -- it's one of those days when you need to slow down and do things right to feel good.

For Singles

Jul 18, 2018: Is it lonely up on that soapbox? Make a serious effort to ask serious questions, accept others' points of view and broaden your outlook. You are sure to learn something sweet about someone even sweeter.

For Couples

Jul 18, 2018: You know that saying about a healthy mind in a healthy body? Think about what a home says about a relationship. It's time to sort through closets, clean the fridge and get a little air and light into your living quarters.

TomorrowThursday - July 19, 2018Flirt

Jul 19, 2018: You find it so easy to relate to people that you wonder whether you should start charging them therapy fees. Your good nature keeps you from grumbling, though, and you might learn a lot!

For Singles

Jul 19, 2018: You don't have to fall in love with everyone you meet, but each connection you make today broadens your romantic horizons. Meet people halfway, engage them and try to really understand them. It's good for your heart!

For Couples

Jul 19, 2018: There can only be one diva (or divo) in a relationship at a time and it's your turn. Well, you'd better inform sweetie about that, because he or she is feeling just as uppity. Maybe you can make this tussle fun!

YesterdayTuesday - July 17, 2018Flirt

Jul 17, 2018: If it feels as if everyone in the world is in a huge hurry except for you, that just means it's time to dig in your heels and let them know you're doing things your way. Why not? It's your turn!

For Singles

Jul 17, 2018: You may find someone to be cute, but try to focus on something deeper and more interesting to talk about. Whether you're online or face to face, your words are favored now, so make them shine!

For Couples

Jul 17, 2018: Expand the boundaries of your loving heart. It's time to focus on what works about your relationship rather than what you think doesn't. You're understanding of other people's challenges. Why not do the same for yourself?

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