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Taurus ( 20 Apr - 20 May )
TodayFriday - January 18, 2019Flirt

Jan 18, 2019: Someone is preaching at you, but for some reason you don't mind so much. It's one of those days when you are open to new ideas -- but not the crazy ones! You should absorb some new truth.

For Singles

Jan 18, 2019: Transitions are coming — are you ready? The best way for you to prepare is by staying flexible regarding possible outcomes. The more relaxed you feel, the better off you are.

For Couples

Jan 18, 2019: Your romance burns like a brilliant flame today. Let nothing stand in the way of your enjoyment of your honey's company. When the feelings are this hot, everything else can take a back seat!

TomorrowSaturday - January 19, 2019Flirt

Jan 19, 2019: You're feeling irritable, but that's not such a huge thing. You can tell it's at least partly because the day is dragging you down, but it's not such a bad idea to let someone have it as a lesson to the others!

For Singles

Jan 19, 2019: You're in need of some serious letting go, so go for it and just take your newest crush out for some relaxing entertainment. Grab some snacks and watch the latest rom-com, or hit a nightclub and dance!

For Couples

Jan 19, 2019: If your honey brings a new idea to you today, be sure to respond with a lot of enthusiasm. They will be excited to share it with you, and your encouragement will mean a lot to them.

YesterdayThursday - January 17, 2019Flirt

Jan 17, 2019: Travel is on your mind right now, and it's a really great time for you to hit the road or to make plans for the future. You might not even know where you want to go yet, but you know you want to jet.

For Singles

Jan 17, 2019: A transition starts today. It might affect your love life (or lack thereof), so be as open as you can be to new ideas and people. You're likely to be rewarded in many ways.

For Couples

Jan 17, 2019: You feel most comfortable when you can plan everything out ahead of time. Mix things up a bit and try to be more spontaneous. When your honey suggests doing something that changes your plans, don't hesitate. Seize the opportunity!

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