Love Horoscope For Sagittarius

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Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
TodayMonday - October 22, 2018Flirt

Oct 22, 2018: When that hottie sidles up to say hello, you find yourself unusually tongue-tied. Fortunately, that's pretty likely to be endearing today, so don't worry about what you end up saying.

For Singles

Oct 22, 2018: Communication is strongly favored today. You can express yourself easily, and with better style -- so whatever it is you want to say to that hottie, you have their undivided attention!

For Couples

Oct 22, 2018: Bond with your honey while making this a better world to inhabit. Go green by having recycling and compost bins for your trash. Ride bikes instead of piling into the car.

TomorrowTuesday - October 23, 2018Flirt

Oct 23, 2018: You'd just as soon spend the day on your own, but that might not be possible. Just get some alone time in little bursts throughout the day -- that should keep you sane.

For Singles

Oct 23, 2018: Walking a dog is an awesome conversation-starter, so if you don't have a mutt of your own, borrow one! It might seem a little off the wall, but when that hot stranger wants to chat you up about the sweetie on the end of the leash, you don't feel silly for long.

For Couples

Oct 23, 2018: Enlightenment isn't just for yogis. You and your partner could benefit from some meditation techniques to calm frazzled nerves. Open your mind to new ideas.

YesterdaySunday - October 21, 2018Flirt

Oct 21, 2018: Don't look so shocked when someone you don't know well expects you to have all the answers -- it's all part of your mystique. You may need to think fast and make up something that sounds good.

For Singles

Oct 21, 2018: If it seems that there's no one nearby worth checking out, think again. Spend some time lurking in a neighborhood coffee shop and strike up a conversation with someone new. They should set you straight.

For Couples

Oct 21, 2018: No one likes a moocher. Pay your own way, or better yet, treat your partner to a night out on the town. Pick up the tab financially and emotionally.

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