Love Horoscope For Sagittarius

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Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
TodaySaturday - February 23, 2019Flirt

Feb 23, 2019: You've got to take a second look at the small stuff -- it's freakier than you thought! Maybe your crush has a terrible habit, or maybe your bills are less painful than you had thought. It's all in the details.

For Singles

Feb 23, 2019: Upgrade your expectations when it comes to dating. Settling for less doesn't do you any favors. You deserve the very best, so start treating yourself like the star you are.

For Couples

Feb 23, 2019: Your little white lies might be catching up to you, and guilty feelings are surfacing. Come clean and tell your sweetie the truth -- the sooner the better.

TomorrowSunday - February 24, 2019Flirt

Feb 24, 2019: Make sure you keep yourself busy and engaged today -- you have way more going on than you have time for, but that just means you've got to cram in what you can while you can.

For Singles

Feb 24, 2019: You can't be bothered by the details these days. So go ahead and promise someone 'the best date ever,' or convince your pals that you have just the plan to meet new people. You'll figure out the specifics when you need to!

For Couples

Feb 24, 2019: Share your goodwill with your sweetie. You've been all smiles lately, and you can't help but be in a happy mood. Take this opportunity to perform random acts of kindness for your honey.

YesterdayFriday - February 22, 2019Flirt

Feb 22, 2019: You've got to work your left brain pretty hard today, but it's worth it! You might find something that makes sense only to you -- but once you start to show it off a little, everyone catches on.

For Singles

Feb 22, 2019: Everything's better in pairs today. Ask an officemate to lunch, collaborate with a coworker or workout with a pal. If you're feeling really crazy, arrange a double date. Even if you're all just friends, you'll have a blast.

For Couples

Feb 22, 2019: Questioning your relationship ideals is healthy. As you grow, so will your needs. Rethink how you want to continue as a couple and voice any concerns right away. Your honey may be doing the same.

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