Love Horoscope For Sagittarius

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Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
TodayTuesday - August 14, 2018Flirt

Aug 14, 2018: Your inner child is visiting the outside world, and while some folks aren't into your antics, the good people know fun when they see it! Play and explore the world with fresh eyes.

For Singles

Aug 14, 2018: You're a fantastic storyteller, so let yourself really shine. Share your tales with friends when things get quiet midday. Your take on life is hilarious, and you should leave everyone with the right impression.

For Couples

Aug 14, 2018: Somebody in your social circle has a talent for creating drama. You, on the other hand, are smart enough to spot this tendency and sidestep it. Teach your sweetie to do the same and all will be well.

TomorrowWednesday - August 15, 2018Flirt

Aug 15, 2018: Don't roll your eyes when someone asks you to look over a spreadsheet or some other super-detailed project -- you have to focus on the small stuff for now. It's not as boring as it seems, either!

For Singles

Aug 15, 2018: If you're ready to make an adjustment to your romantic ideals, you may run into some pretty awesome reality! Don't budge on deal-breakers, of course, but get ready for something (or someone) unexpected!

For Couples

Aug 15, 2018: Trying to stop change is like trying to reverse the tides: exhausting and pointless. Once you two accept that fluctuation is a part of life (and, in fact, may be the definition of life), you'll take great strides forward.

YesterdayMonday - August 13, 2018Flirt

Aug 13, 2018: Life is way more fun than usual, and it's at least in part because your playful spirit is making it sweeter for everyone around you. It's a really great day to blow off steam with sports or games.

For Singles

Aug 13, 2018: A strong sense of adventure washes over you, practically forcing you to try something out of character. Sign up for SCUBA classes, plan a trip to Australia or (finally) ask out that office hottie. You are sure to love what comes next.

For Couples

Aug 13, 2018: Heaven forbid that for once you and your darling do something purely frivolous -- just because you want to. Well, you should, and especially today. It can have a bracing and tonic effect on your relationship.

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