Love Horoscope For Sagittarius

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Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
TodayMonday - April 22, 2019Flirt

Apr 22, 2019: Their energy level is way up high and yours is in the gutter. You're just beat. Nothing wrong with that. But let your friends know (or else they might take your mood personally).

For Singles

Apr 22, 2019: Be the early bird. Time management is key today. Go to work on that important project first thing before other activities fill up your busy schedule. You might be amazed at how fast those additional 60 minutes tick away.

For Couples

Apr 22, 2019: Taking care of the body automatically improves the mind—and your mood. Eat a healthy diet and get some exercise. It doesn't seem like relationship advice, yet you'd be surprised at how much things improve.

TomorrowTuesday - April 23, 2019Flirt

Apr 23, 2019: No, it's not you and it's not them. The problem is simply that your energies are mismatched. They feel up when you feel down, and vice versa. You'll be on the same page again soon.

For Singles

Apr 23, 2019: Try not to take everything to heart so much that it's difficult to be teased in a good-natured way. Instead of staying on the defensive, learn to laugh at yourself and take things in stride. Soon you'll wonder why you were such a killjoy in the first place.

For Couples

Apr 23, 2019: Love helps you find new levels of yourself—levels that you didn't even realize you contained. You contain multitudes. It may be a little scary at first, but it's going to be fulfilling in the end.

YesterdaySunday - April 21, 2019Flirt

Apr 21, 2019: There are so many people in your life right now, you have no excuse to feel bored. Except for the fact that you haven't meant anyone in a while who really makes your heart flutter.

For Singles

Apr 21, 2019: The first weeks of a new romance are an exciting time. It's tempting to rush past the getting-to-know-you stage, but this is the time for building a strong foundation. Take things slowly and let the romance grow.

For Couples

Apr 21, 2019: You can't know every single thing about your partner, and they can't know every detail about your life. That's what makes things so exciting—all the discoveries you have to keep making about each other.

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