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Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
TodayFriday - December 06, 2019Flirt

Dec 6, 2019: You are totally in touch with the world around you and all the people in it. Let the ideas flow and let everyone have their say. Someone watching from the sidelines will take a step closer.

For Singles

Dec 6, 2019: Everything seems unmanageable as a self-destructive streak seeps into your life. Too much is at stake to rely on hints. Be direct: Ask for what you want and need. Don't be afraid to face reality—it's not as scary as you think.

For Couples

Dec 6, 2019: If you need to bring up a sensitive subject with your partner, the direct approach is best. Tell them plainly, but with tact, what's on your mind and offer suggestions for how to fix it.

TomorrowSaturday - December 07, 2019Flirt

Dec 7, 2019: Don't worry too much about getting anything done right now. Listen carefully to what your people are saying and you'll learn something about how you interact with them. Use your words later.

For Singles

Dec 7, 2019: Your life's not exactly interesting lately—in fact, it's downright colorless. What happened to the spark? It's still there; you've merely lost it in your effort to please others. If you don't find the stock market, sports or global finance interesting, stop force feeding it to yourself and peddling the lies to others.

For Couples

Dec 7, 2019: Can you separate your substance from your style? Would you even want to? Your sweetheart just shakes their head over this non-dilemma. Why bother to dissect what you've got when it so clearly is working for you?

YesterdayThursday - December 05, 2019Flirt

Dec 5, 2019: A roommate or lover (or maybe just a close friend) will start to crank up the pressure. Stall for time -- things will ease up dramatically in a few days.

For Singles

Dec 5, 2019: Nothing compares to you, and today the stars amplify all that's most mind-bogglingly and heart-stoppingly original about your own sweet self. The right people find your uniqueness utterly amazing.

For Couples

Dec 5, 2019: Brainstorm with your sweetie today to find some way to save more money. If you need inspiration, set a goal and promise yourselves a romantic treat when you reach it.

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