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Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )
TodaySunday - September 23, 2018Flirt

Sep 22, 2018: You have to take another look at things -- and you may need to upset your delicate balance a little. The good news is that you should find even steadier ground after a few moments of disorientation

For Singles

Sep 22, 2018: If you're bored with the dating scene, or maybe losing interest in new people, it could be time to hire a dating coach. Try a good friend or sibling, maybe -- just pick someone who can motivate you and drag you out when you'd rather stay home!

For Couples

Sep 22, 2018: This isn't about you. It's not about your partner, either. It's about the two of you -- together. So sit down and think about what you can do to benefit your unit as a whole. You'll find that you'll benefit as individuals, too.

TomorrowMonday - September 24, 2018Flirt

Sep 23, 2018: If you're in business with someone or work together in some other way, you need to watch out for your partner. They aren't trying to cheat or hurt you, but they may start to cause other kinds of trouble today.

For Singles

Sep 23, 2018: The tables are turned, and a few friends are looking to you for romantic advice. Open up to them and share whatever you've learned. It's no trouble to you, and you should have a good time helping out.

For Couples

Sep 23, 2018: Are you a person or a prize? If you feel more like a trophy than an equal partner, voice your feelings. Soon enough, being placed on a pedestal will grow tiresome. Show your true self from the get-go (bad hair days and all).

YesterdaySaturday - September 22, 2018Flirt

Sep 21, 2018: You love helping your friends get by, and at least one of them needs you in a huge way right now. There's no need to make a big show out of it -- just get it done and let them get on with their lives.

For Singles

Sep 21, 2018: Pay close attention to every last detail for now. If you're not extra careful, you might accidentally send that steamy message to a colleague instead of to that crush with a somewhat similar name!

For Couples

Sep 21, 2018: Thinking isn't the same as doing -- or is it? When you two really consider it, every action emerges first as a thought. So examine your thoughts very carefully before you take the next step. See what comes up.

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