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Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )
TodayTuesday - May 21, 2019Flirt

May 21, 2019: Did you forget to set your alarm clock or something? Whatever the cause, you got off to a rocky start this morning. Don't fret, though -- your luck will change quickly. Things are already looking up!

For Singles

May 21, 2019: Flirting today could get you noticed in the wrong way. Beware of how your body language can send the wrong message. Friendly comments can be misconstrued when coupled with actions.

For Couples

May 21, 2019: Your honey will benefit from your urge to socialize. Accept a party invitation or throw your own shindig to get the ball rolling. Invite like-minded friends and family to share in the revelry.

TomorrowWednesday - May 22, 2019Flirt

May 22, 2019: You're expansively optimistic today, and others can't help but get swept up in your positive attitude. Forget the details and focus on the big picture. Expect to inspire and enlighten your peeps.

For Singles

May 22, 2019: Your curiosity could cause strife between you and a close friend. While you want to be helpful in matters of the heart, your questions could be considered on the probing side. Listen more.

For Couples

May 22, 2019: High-energy days are what you long for, but your sweetie just wants to relax. Instead of forcing your kinetic vibe onto your honey, hang out with friends who can't get enough of your high-powered 'get up and go' attitude.

YesterdayMonday - May 20, 2019Flirt

May 20, 2019: There's a war going on out there (metaphorically speaking, that is) and you'd do well to lay low and stay out of it. Maintain your cheerful flexibility and wait for hostilities to die down. Watch out for the incoming fire!

For Singles

May 20, 2019: Ride the wave instead of fighting against the current. Envision the latest obstacle as a mere ripple in the ocean of things you should care about. The less you panic, the better.

For Couples

May 20, 2019: Don't be so convinced that what you two want to happen in this relationship is what actually needs to happen. Why not let the cosmos do the driving? Sit back in the passenger seat and relax for now.

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