Love Horoscope For Leo

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Leo ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug )
TodayTuesday - December 18, 2018Flirt

Dec 18, 2018: Today is all about having fun, so get out there and make something good happen! Your fiery energy is just right for dealing with people who'd rather be serious than kick back and enjoy themselves.

For Singles

Dec 18, 2018: If you're arguing today, keep yourself from flying off the handle. If you stay calm, you can avoid a complete blowout. Aim for maturity rather than acting like a crazy person.

For Couples

Dec 18, 2018: You're a bit hot-headed today, so do your best to avoid taking on some of your partnerships biggest issues—those are best broached with a calm, thoughtful feel.

TomorrowWednesday - December 19, 2018Flirt

Dec 19, 2018: You need to push things even further -- despite your friends and their doubts. Things seem to be a bit in your favor, though that doesn't mean you can just sit back and let things happen.

For Singles

Dec 19, 2018: Things might be a bit hazy right now, but the more you leave romance to chance, the easier it is for everything to fall in place in its own time. Forcing the issue never works the long run. Clarity comes when it wants, so be patient.

For Couples

Dec 19, 2018: Today finds you feeling reflective about your life and your relationship. Take a little time for yourself if you need it, and let your mind wander. Later, you can talk things over with your partner—if you so choose.

YesterdayMonday - December 17, 2018Flirt

Dec 17, 2018: You're on the verge of something big and awesome when it comes to love -- even if you're single! Take a bold step and see what happens. You won't be disappointed, though you might be surprised!

For Singles

Dec 17, 2018: Others could react emotionally to your seemingly innocent suggestion. You mean to be helpful, of course, yet your comments might come across as insincere. Choose your words carefully so you don't make the situation even worse.

For Couples

Dec 17, 2018: Sometimes even the best plans don't turn out the way we'd like. Don't let a minor upsets ruin your day—just adapt and do the best you can. You can commiserate with your partner over dinner. They'll cheer you up.

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