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Leo ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug )
TodayTuesday - August 20, 2019Flirt

Aug 20, 2019: You find you have so much energy that you don't need a caffeine drink to get you going, so jump out of bed and take on the world! If you've been down of late for some reason, everything changes for the better today.

For Singles

Aug 20, 2019: If you're not careful, your emotions will trample all over sensibility. You can't afford to come off like a deranged lunatic, at least not today. So don't run up to your boss, the one you're in love with, and profess your undying devotion. Restrain yourself. Save the hysterics for happy hour.

For Couples

Aug 20, 2019: Your partner may come to you today looking for help solving a problem. You may not have a ready answer, but together you can explore the available options and find a good solution.

TomorrowWednesday - August 21, 2019Flirt

Aug 21, 2019: It's the perfect time to tell off that one filthy roommate, let that hottie know how you really feel or tell the boss it's time for a raise. Though you do enjoy the art of good conversation, today you won't mince words.

For Singles

Aug 21, 2019: You ought not judge a book by its cover, whether it's glossy and great-looking or dog-eared and plain. See what's inside—after all, this is about finding something for your heart, not your coffee table.

For Couples

Aug 21, 2019: Your partner's schedule may mean changing the plans you had for tonight. Instead of getting upset, make a new plan. Being willing to adapt to the situation will make things better for both of you.

YesterdayMonday - August 19, 2019Flirt

Aug 19, 2019: You should still be able to get a handle on the situation if you close your eyes and drift for a bit. Even if it feels like an emotional attacker is pelting you with rotten tomatoes and verbal insults, your strength will carry you through.

For Singles

Aug 19, 2019: Sometimes being bad is oh so good! Sure, you should go to bed, but when you're in the middle of an awesome conversation or a great time, it's okay to skimp on the sleep. You can't help it—living just gets in the way. You'll have plenty of time later to catch some ZZZs.

For Couples

Aug 19, 2019: Pay attention to the signals you're getting from your partner today. They could use your help, but they may not ask for it directly. If you can read between the lines, you can give them what they need.

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