Love Horoscope For Gemini

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Gemini ( 21 May - 20 Jun )
TodayTuesday - August 14, 2018Flirt

Aug 14, 2018: You and your biggest ambitions are the stars of the show today, and it's the best possible time to make some progress. Get your people on board for anything big. You'll need the extra help.

For Singles

Aug 14, 2018: It's time to pull yourself out of this romantic rut. Let go of old feelings -- and baggage. Try to stop obsessing about exes and truly embrace the single life. You have much to look forward to!

For Couples

Aug 14, 2018: Half-baked ideas look enticing, but you and your darling need to let this one sit for a little longer before you dig in. After all, in the light of day, a few other options may appear that are much more enticing.

TomorrowWednesday - August 15, 2018Flirt

Aug 15, 2018: It's one of those weird days when it seems as if everyone's having fun but you. Don't despair -- you're just dealing with stuff that's been waiting for you for a little too long. It'll be over soon.

For Singles

Aug 15, 2018: Dive right into work this morning, when you're at your most focused and organized. Your energy later on is more social -- and by tonight, you're totally ready for something new and different!

For Couples

Aug 15, 2018: You're a master of the lighthearted quip, but every now and then you like to talk about something more profound. Share something about your past, your family or your feelings with your darling. You'll surprise yourself.

YesterdayMonday - August 13, 2018Flirt

Aug 13, 2018: Make sure you're dealing with all the right people -- even those you haven't met yet! It's a great day for making new connections and figuring out what they really want. All you have to do is apply that keen intuition.

For Singles

Aug 13, 2018: Your brain is all over the place right now -- it's a struggle to sit still. Try your best to just take it in stride. Go with your wild emotions or find a new way to get centered. You really can't have it both ways!

For Couples

Aug 13, 2018: At work, you need to be respected, but you don't necessarily need to be loved. However, at home you need both of those things from your partner and yourself. It's a fine balance, but you can achieve it.

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