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Capricorn ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan )
TodayFriday - December 06, 2019Flirt

Dec 6, 2019: You have your own plans, but they're in conflict with those of someone close to you. Something has to give, but this time it doesn't have to be you.

For Singles

Dec 6, 2019: Transformation is exciting and full of possibilities, so roll out the red carpet when the opportunities park at your front door. Rap with the stellar crowd. The old standbys will understand your need to branch out and you'll make an awesome connection.

For Couples

Dec 6, 2019: Today finds you bursting with energy and ready to take on the world. If your loved one isn't working at the same speed, offer to help them out, since you've got the stamina of two people.

TomorrowSaturday - December 07, 2019Flirt

Dec 7, 2019: You're just a wee bit off your game right now, but don't let that stop you from chatting up anyone who strikes your fancy. By the end of the day, you'll have your groove back -- and it will show.

For Singles

Dec 7, 2019: You're the best friend anyone could have, but somehow, you feel like a chump lately. It's not you—you just let bad people mistreat you. If you're tired of that flakey friend who always bails out at the last minute, tell them—you have nothing to lose. You're wasting precious time.

For Couples

Dec 7, 2019: You should be with this person because of who they are, not because you think you can fix them -- and vice versa. Ask yourself the big questions. You may not have answers, but the important thing is to inquire.

YesterdayThursday - December 05, 2019Flirt

Dec 5, 2019: At work or at home, people will be hissing and spitting at each other all day long. There's no need to get involved unless someone you like gets in the line of fire, so lie low for now.

For Singles

Dec 5, 2019: Even a little effort in the love department is likely to meet with big rewards now. Try smiling and saying hi. Send an admiring email to an online prospect. Help out a friend with some support or advice.

For Couples

Dec 5, 2019: You will be starting to see results from the plans that you laid with your partner. Celebrate a little, but then don't get too distracted. You still have a ways to go before you're done.

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