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Cancer ( 21 Jun - 22 Jul )
TodayWednesday - September 18, 2019Flirt

Sep 18, 2019: Adventure is scary and appealing to you. Don't get dragged down by worrying about things you haven't even done yet. The world awaits -- open your door and step out.

For Singles

Sep 18, 2019: The assistance you can offer others in the realm of romance is very valuable now. Maybe it's the way you can see current circumstances in light of their overall life (and love) philosophy.

For Couples

Sep 18, 2019: When your heart gets involved, it may be difficult to see things for what they really are. Take an intellectual approach to a situation with your partner today, and you'll find an easy resolution.

TomorrowThursday - September 19, 2019Flirt

Sep 19, 2019: Something big is in the works, and to make it happen you'll need all your time and attention. If that means certain things or people have to fall by the wayside, that's fine -- just let them know ahead of time.

For Singles

Sep 19, 2019: Earth to you—come in! You may be a bit of a space cadet at the moment and your thoughts are certainly worth being lost in. Just tune in enough to realize when someone else wants in on it too.

For Couples

Sep 19, 2019: You're a bit of a mind reader at the moment, so why not use this power for the blossoming of your relationship? Figure out what they want before they know it themselves -- they'll be blown away.

YesterdayTuesday - September 17, 2019Flirt

Sep 17, 2019: Even if you feel strapped for time and attention right now, you still have plenty of love for everyone in your world. So take a few minutes of your day to check in -- a text or email will work wonders!

For Singles

Sep 17, 2019: If what you seek are a pint of ice cream and some bad romantic movies, go for it. It's okay to take cover in your personal space to recover from an emotional hangover. Will you ever learn? Probably not—that's just your nature.

For Couples

Sep 17, 2019: You want to be close to your partner today, but they may be acting aloof. Avoid getting frustrated by changing your expectations. Give them space, and they'll be back by your side in no time.

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