Love Horoscope For Cancer

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Cancer ( 21 Jun - 22 Jul )
TodayFriday - March 22, 2019Flirt

Mar 22, 2019: Speak up now. Everyone (even those standoffish hotties) will be open to your pitch. Even if it's like pulling teeth, force yourself to make a play. Sure the pickings are slim, but someone's bound to bite.

For Singles

Mar 22, 2019: A good friend not only builds you up when you're feeling low, but also brings you back down when your ego inflates to blimp-like sizes. Remind yourself to thank your pals when they keep it real.

For Couples

Mar 22, 2019: One thing that helps you get along so well with your partner is your ability to relate to them and empathize on a deep level. This skill comes into play today when your honey comes to you with something that's troubling them.

TomorrowSaturday - March 23, 2019Flirt

Mar 23, 2019: You are good with others, and you can charm your way out of almost any situation, but today you're going to experience friction with someone in a position of authority. Be calm. Stay collected. It will be fine.

For Singles

Mar 23, 2019: An extravagant purchase might be a bad idea today. As much as you deserve to indulge, it's best to be cautious when financial matters are concerned. Save your dough for something more important.

For Couples

Mar 23, 2019: Kissing skills may rank high, but friendship is just as important to your sweetie. Be supportive and appreciative of your honey's goals and dreams. Loyalty goes a long way.

YesterdayThursday - March 21, 2019Flirt

Mar 21, 2019: Get this party started -- it's all in your court now. If you say the word, you'll soon have armies of groovy freaks cavorting and carousing at your command.

For Singles

Mar 21, 2019: Get the feeling that your double is having a better life? Today take matters into your own hands and do everything you think your doppelganger would be doing.

For Couples

Mar 21, 2019: The spotlight is on you today, and you know just how to handle it. Put a little extra effort into getting ready this morning, and you'll feel confident all day. Tonight, share your success story with your sweetie over dinner.

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