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Cancer ( 21 Jun - 22 Jul )
TodayTuesday - May 21, 2019Flirt

May 21, 2019: Your daring and pluck will amaze (and attract) others around you. Whether at home, at work or in romance, think big today. You need some outsized -- and decidedly public -- accomplishments right now.

For Singles

May 21, 2019: Being able to bend in the breeze when love thrashes you about is a skill worth seeking. Fighting against fate only causes frustration and tears. Consider this your first lesson in Zen of the heart.

For Couples

May 21, 2019: Stretch your legs and be active today. Get out of the house with your sweetie! Take your best swing at miniature golf or go for a tango lesson. Thwart any couch potato ways once and for all.

TomorrowWednesday - May 22, 2019Flirt

May 22, 2019: If you've been thinking of pouncing on some particular goal, now is the time to stop talking and act, especially when it comes to matter so love and romance. Now's the chance to make your move!

For Singles

May 22, 2019: The depths of your heart knows no bounds. Don't waste all your attention on someone who doesn't give back the same level of love. Find someone who appreciates your affections.

For Couples

May 22, 2019: Things may not be going smoothly, but don't panic. Dropping subtle hints rarely gets the results you want. Be direct about your feelings.

YesterdayMonday - May 20, 2019Flirt

May 20, 2019: You're naturally adventurous and assertive right now, so it's a good opportunity to charge ahead and try something new (even if it's just meeting someone new). Don't back down from a challenge.

For Singles

May 20, 2019: Even though it's love you've been searching for, the idea of a creative partnership might suit you best. A passionate romance could blossom from an unusual project.

For Couples

May 20, 2019: You think you know exactly what your lover wants from you, but you could save yourself a lot of hassle if you simply ask them directly. Once you two are on the same page, you can really start moving.

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