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Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )
TodaySunday - November 17, 2019Flirt

Nov 17, 2019: You can do anything as long as your friends are on board. And you're going to need their help on this one, if only for moral support. Tell them what you need. They've got your back.

For Singles

Nov 17, 2019: Bending just about anyone to your will is easy now, so if you'd like someone to say 'yes' to a certain romantic proposition, then deploy that charm of yours. Just figure out where they're coming from while you're at it.

For Couples

Nov 17, 2019: A crucial detail might have slipped by both you and your honey while you were rushing around. Though this initially drives you up the wall, you soon see the benefits of getting the information at a later date -- really.

TomorrowMonday - November 18, 2019Flirt

Nov 18, 2019: Instead of distracting yourself with some new project -- or some new person -- keep your head down and get the pending stuff done. You'll feel so much better.

For Singles

Nov 18, 2019: Technology can make mundane tasks fly by, but don't use it as a substitute for real face-to-face communication with that certain someone you've had your eye on. Take the next step offline.

For Couples

Nov 18, 2019: Today gets off to a slow start, but you're not in a rush anyway. The mood between you and your sweetie is peaceful, so relax and enjoy a stress-free day. May today set the tone for an easy week.

YesterdaySaturday - November 16, 2019Flirt

Nov 16, 2019: You are really good at motivating people without being annoying. That's why people like to see you in positions of leadership. You get everyone past the finish line without making it seem like a drag.

For Singles

Nov 16, 2019: Your romantic focus may shift now from the excitement of something new to thinking about what's sustainable over the long haul. Is a certain crush really appropriate? Suddenly it might matter more to you.

For Couples

Nov 16, 2019: Figuring out what's going wrong can send you into a cycle of negativity that's hard to break. Instead, why not take a look at what's going right, and start figuring out what you can learn from those aspects instead?

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