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Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )
TodayTuesday - August 14, 2018Flirt

Aug 14, 2018: It's perfectly okay to do whatever it takes to get ahead with your plans -- well, almost anything. It's a good day for stepping on the appropriate toes and having a blast while you're at it!

For Singles

Aug 14, 2018: It's vital to listen to your instincts now. Try not to fall for the wild scenarios your mind dreams up. Your gut can lead you in the right direction, but you have to be willing to listen.

For Couples

Aug 14, 2018: Take more time to digest when it comes to your relationship. That means eating your meals slowly, drinking your coffee at a normal pace and letting your emotions sit for a while before you take action.

TomorrowWednesday - August 15, 2018Flirt

Aug 15, 2018: You need to get in touch with the deeper parts of your mind -- where your values are stored. It's not as if you're living badly, but you do need to reconnect with something more real.

For Singles

Aug 15, 2018: A quick walk, a stretching class, a chair massage -- You need to get proactive about personal renewal this afternoon. You want to be as refreshed as you can when someone turns up the heat tonight.

For Couples

Aug 15, 2018: Everyone's always thinking about what they need to add to a relationship to make it run more smoothly, but what about subtraction? Could you take away some possessiveness, guilt or blame? Wouldn't that be nice?

YesterdayMonday - August 13, 2018Flirt

Aug 13, 2018: You're all abuzz with new stuff and loving almost every second of it! Life is sweet, and your energy is perfect for riling up the crowds and making life more fun for pretty much everyone!

For Singles

Aug 13, 2018: You haven't tortured yourself over that one particular ex in a while, but right now it's weighing heavily on your heart. Don't let it affect your emotional growth -- write them a letter, then burn (or delete) it. Now is the time to say good-bye.

For Couples

Aug 13, 2018: One of the nicest things to share in a couple is a comfortable silence. One of the other nice things to share is a stimulating conversation. The latter is where you and your darling are at today. Swap that repartee!

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