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Aquarius ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb )
TodayTuesday - August 20, 2019Flirt

Aug 20, 2019: It's a great time to turn acquaintances into friends, so spend a little longer with people and see if they're worth adding to your list. You ought to surprise yourself with your choices!

For Singles

Aug 20, 2019: Look at the signs. The calls aren't as frequent, the texts have tapered off: this tryst is probably over. Accept it and move on. Touch base before you break off all contact. And if you're not into being friends, avoid the 'Let's be friends' guilt trip. A clean cut is the best cut.

For Couples

Aug 20, 2019: An idea will come to you today that's so exciting you won't be able to wait to share it with your partner. Your enthusiasm will be enough to convince them to join you in your latest plan.

TomorrowWednesday - August 21, 2019Flirt

Aug 21, 2019: It's a good day to move forward and see what happens! You make a connection that had never occurred to you before, and it's going to make life a whole lot more interesting for the near future.

For Singles

Aug 21, 2019: Being single means never having to say you're sorry—at least not for doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want. Revel in it now, and be sure to leave some time for relaxing solo-style.

For Couples

Aug 21, 2019: Share your vision with the people around you. Your partner will be an eager audience, but don't forget to include your friends, too. Start a discussion so you can all share ideas.

YesterdayMonday - August 19, 2019Flirt

Aug 19, 2019: After all the recent craziness, you need some privacy. So shut the door and toil away on your own personal projects. You can come out when you're feeling good and ready to engage the masses again.

For Singles

Aug 19, 2019: Things in the technological realm are vulnerable—that means you're vulnerable. If you haven't backed up your files, run anti-virus software or changed your passwords lately, it's time for a little housecleaning. It won't take long and the payoff is way worth it.

For Couples

Aug 19, 2019: Today finds you looking for answers to why things happen the way they do. Your loved one will be able to provide some insight, but you may just have to wait and see to get the whole picture.

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