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Cancer ( 21 Jun - 22 Jul )
TodayFriday - October 18, 2019

Oct 18, 2019: Whether you're daydreaming or doing some serious philosophizing, using your mind is an excellent way to spend the day. You can get back in tune with others later; for now, block them all out and gaze inward.

TomorrowSaturday - October 19, 2019

Oct 19, 2019: Your intuition is best used when focused on others. You are totally in tune with those around you -- and with their money. You can help them reign things in or make the right choices, but don't use this good energy for your own financial gain.

YesterdayThursday - October 17, 2019

Oct 17, 2019: Your emotions are running the show and that's just the way your adversaries want it. They've got you so you can hardly think straight. Whether they are real people or simply numbers, you've got to get a grip on them. Reassert yourself, and quick.

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