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Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )
TodayWednesday - November 13, 2019

Nov 13, 2019: There's more than one way to achieve your goals. If the definition of insanity is trying the same thing again and again expecting a different outcome, then you are officially off your rocker. Try something new.

TomorrowThursday - November 14, 2019

Nov 14, 2019: It's a good day to sit around and do not much of anything at all. You're the type who likes to stay busy, so that's harder than it sounds. It will be worth the effort, though, to not make any effort at all.

YesterdayTuesday - November 12, 2019

Nov 12, 2019: Going it alone has taken you about as far as you can expect to go. It's time to rethink. Working in groups can be beneficial as long as you have a leader. Being one of the sheep without a shepherd, though, won't get you anything but shorn.

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