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Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
TodayWednesday - November 13, 2019

Nov 13, 2019: Loyalty is a crucial component of any friendship, so you need to stand by your friends today when the drama goes down. Accusations are being thrown around, and as far as you know they are not true. If you have to get combative with the accusers, then do so—just make sure to avoid saying anything that inflames their temper. You'll only make the situation worse. You can be quite the attack dog when you want to be, and today it's okay to follow your urge to growl. Just don't bite.

TomorrowThursday - November 14, 2019

Nov 14, 2019: If someone says something combative today, make sure you heard them correctly. If you think someone is giving you a dirty look, make sure there's not a television on the wall behind you. You might just have the tiniest chip on your shoulder today, and it will way too easy for you to jump to the wrong conclusion. You'd really benefit from taking a day to yourself right now. You need to figure out why you might be blaming the world for something that isn't the world's fault.

YesterdayTuesday - November 12, 2019

Nov 12, 2019: One of the newer people on the scene is going to be feeling extra sensitive today, so be aware that what you think is a silly joke could come off as offensive to them. And if they are doing something wrong, do your best not to be too critical about it—let them figure things out on their own. It won't take long. The extra effort you put into being sensitive to their needs will be worth it when they relax, open up and show you what a cool person they actually are.

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