Daily Horoscope For Sagittarius

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Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
TodayMonday - October 22, 2018

Oct 22, 2018: It's a wonderful day for you to just talk, listen and laugh. Make yourself comfortable in a room full of people you love today, and you will be as happy as you can be. You can sit and chat with these people for hours, sharing funny stories and giving folks an update on what's been going on. What you hear won't surprise you too much, but just catching up and sitting in the same room together will be thoroughly enjoyable. The happy energy will be undeniable.

TomorrowTuesday - October 23, 2018

Oct 23, 2018: Things are starting to free up a bit in your life ... you're getting a little bit more free time, so what are you planning to do with it? Be careful not to let this time drain away without taking advantage of it. Put together a short list of a few things you're curious about or places you'd like to explore. Take the steps necessary to make them a commitment you need to follow through on. Just because it's 'free' time doesn't mean that it doesn't need structure once in a while.

YesterdaySunday - October 21, 2018

Oct 21, 2018: Today is a great day to go to a concert or a museum if you can manage to fit it into your busy schedule. Your emotions are in a melodious phase, and music and art hold a strong appeal for you right now. The ideas that visual art represents will have special significance for you, and lyrics to songs will suddenly have a profound and comforting meaning. You can find guidance by listening to a new song or looking at a fascinating painting.

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