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Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )
TodayTuesday - August 14, 2018

Aug 14, 2018: Nothing is truly to be gained by worrying, so just cut it out. You're spending psychic cycles on an activity that won't improve the situation for the better, and your ability to actually address your concerns will be limited. If it's work, love, family, your health or some other touchstone of your life, do yourself a favor and just face it head on. The sooner you do that, the sooner you'll slay this dragon and feel better overall. Be constructive.

TomorrowWednesday - August 15, 2018

Aug 15, 2018: You've gone way past just thinking there might be something between you. You're sure of it, and you know they feel the same. So what's the next step? Well, it might be to talk to them about it -- to let them know what you're feeling and give them a chance to tell you what's on their mind, too. An invitation to dinner would be a good place to start. If all goes well, order one dessert and two forks.

YesterdayMonday - August 13, 2018

Aug 13, 2018: It's definitely your kind of day -- for two reasons. First off, your sign is sentimental, nostalgic and tenderhearted. Now, however, let's add in the fact that it's such a romantic season. Oh, and if you need another reason to enjoy snuggling up, consider your lucky partner. Enjoy!

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