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Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )
TodaySaturday - February 23, 2019

Feb 23, 2019: Every day offers a bounty of new experiences, but you usually don't have the time or energy to explore them all. Luckily, you'll have both today! Pick a new adventure to go on and go at it with everything you can. Do whatever fits your mood—if you're feeling mellow, start an ambitious book that's been on your list for way too long. If you're feeling active, take a jog through a park you don't visit often enough. Act on whatever's been in the back of your mind for a long while.

TomorrowSunday - February 24, 2019

Feb 24, 2019: You need to maintain a leisurely pace right now—give yourself more time to get used to taking things slow and steady. There are changes coming up soon that could put your life into a confusing state, so you shouldn't be in a hurry to move forward. Being rushed will leave you too unfocused to deal with things as they come. Book yourself some spa time or pick a long movie to rent. Settle down and let the world amuse you with its many delights and ideas.

YesterdayFriday - February 22, 2019

Feb 22, 2019: Playing the popular game of 'hard to get' is not the smartest strategy for you today. Actually, game playing, in general, is not advised in life: It causes way too much confusion and is inherently disrespectful to the other person. If you want to be part of someone's life, you need to be up front. Don't get caught up in which one of you is making the first move—all you should be focusing on is establishing communications. So swallow your pride and do what it takes.

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