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Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )
TodaySaturday - February 23, 2019

Feb 23, 2019: When someone bends your ear a bit too long today, you need to be prepared with an escape route—think of tasks so unentertaining that they will discourage this attention-hungry person from tagging along. Lately, the good people in your life have been pushed to the background—and you've had to endure the not-so-good people for way too long. Separate yourself from these folks today, and if you can't get with the good ones, at least get some alone time.

TomorrowSunday - February 24, 2019

Feb 24, 2019: There's a focused energy inside of you, and it's growing stronger every day, buoyed by the bright admiration others are showing you. That energy is your subconscious, getting you ready for a big event and prepping you for a wonderful opportunity. Your self-confidence is bursting at the seams right now, but hold it back until the time is right to really strut your stuff. The spotlight is heating up and just about to be pointed in your direction!

YesterdayFriday - February 22, 2019

Feb 22, 2019: You need to build a bridge today—between the happy past you have had with someone and the happy future you hope to have. Every relationship has its bumpy points, so it's important that you realize there was nothing you could have done to prevent conflict. Focus on the good parts of what you two have right now—doing so will help you build that bridge toward a brighter future. When it's time, you can let them know you're ready to move on.

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