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Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )
TodayMonday - July 22, 2019

Jul 21, 2019: You should know your limits today—every one of them is there for a reason, and you need to yield to them. But luckily, there are so many fun things going on around you right now that you won't mind diverting your energies to something else. The mystery you're intrigued by won't be solvable today, so stop wasting time on searching for clues. The people you're talking to don't really know anything, so stop asking. Stop focusing on other people's lives, and focus on your own!

TomorrowTuesday - July 23, 2019

Jul 22, 2019: The limits and restrictions you have put on yourself recently are no longer useful for your life right now. Whether you put yourself on a tighter budget, a new diet, or some other type of strict regime, today the universe gives you permission to go off the plan for just a day. Step out and do what you want to do today—take advantage of a great bargain, a wonderful dinner invitation or some other opportunity that is just too good for you to pass up!

YesterdaySunday - July 21, 2019

Jul 20, 2019: Some romances start with an intellectual connection, some start with a chemical reaction, and some start just because they're convenient. If you're in a relationship, look back at how it all started. Then make an effort to rediscover that connection. If you're not in a relationship, you can start one now if you focus on finding someone who shares your ideals. Volunteering or getting involved in politics is a great shortcut to finding this certain someone.

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