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Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )
TodayTuesday - January 28, 2020

Jan 28, 2020: When other people are unsure about how to proceed with a challenging task today, you'll know exactly what to do. The only real challenge for you will be to get people to listen to what you have to say! It's time to stop speaking in hushed tones and start barking like the big dog you are. Watch out for people who are trying to quiet you down. They're just afraid that you'll show them up. Don't let their insecurities stop you from making a major power play.

TomorrowWednesday - January 29, 2020

Jan 29, 2020: By defending a friend or loved one in public recently, you did more than become their biggest hero. You made quite a big impression on the onlookers, and people are starting to see you in a brand-new light. Therefore, you can expect to be given extra authority in an upcoming situation. Are you ready for it? Like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon. You're about to soar. Your beauty and grace take everyone's breath away. And your strength keeps it all together.

YesterdayMonday - January 27, 2020

Jan 27, 2020: In a casual conversation today, you'll find yourself exploring high-minded ideas that you never expected you'd be talking about when you woke up this morning. Just when you thought you had this person all figured out, they go and surprise you with a depth you never knew they had! Discoveries abound in all areas of your life. Your physical health is changing for the better, too. But don't celebrate so much that you undo all the good work you've done!

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