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Gemini ( 21 May - 20 Jun )
TodayFriday - December 06, 2019

Dec 6, 2019: Are you feeling intimidated by an intellectual who's just popped onto the scene? Don't be! The more they talk about how much they know, the more obvious it will become that they don't really know what they are talking about. So just let them hog the spotlight for as long as they want, and they will quickly prove to everyone just how smart they aren't. True intelligence is all about knowing that you don't know everything—be humble, and keep learning.

TomorrowSaturday - December 07, 2019

Dec 7, 2019: When was the last time you felt truly challenged? Get your fix today by embracing unfamiliar things. Step out of your (too comfy) comfort zone today and put yourself into some uncomfortable situations. Engage with unfamiliar philosophies. Explore new cultures, music or religions. You will find a whole new way of thinking! You do not have to adopt any big changes—just expose yourself to things that are strange, foreign and invigorating. The experience will stay with you for days.

YesterdayThursday - December 05, 2019

Dec 5, 2019: The romance in your life will be greatly amplified today—and whether or not you actually have a partner is irrelevant. People will want to be as close to you as you let them, so try to take advantage of the closeness. Barriers between you and someone you know in an official or professional capacity are coming down, and you will get a nice glimpse of their great big, soft heart. Make sure you let them know you noticed their generous act.

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