Daily Horoscope For Cancer

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Cancer ( 21 Jun - 22 Jul )
TodayMonday - October 22, 2018

Oct 22, 2018: Working with others will be very interesting and stimulating for you today -- mostly because there will be a lot of friendly conflict throughout the day. The minds of the people in your group are working in very different ways -- and while you might be a bit more emotional, other people will provide more-impersonal, objective points of view. And both mindsets are necessary -- just as a body needs both a heart and a brain.

TomorrowTuesday - October 23, 2018

Oct 23, 2018: You are in a very articulate phase right now, and it is time to exercise your self-expression muscles. The stars are giving you not only the gift of gab, but also the gift of understanding what people need to hear to feel better about themselves. Compassion is a powerful tool, and when you combine it with your verbal charms today, you can give real comfort to someone who is struggling. Your value in someone else's life is about to increase tenfold.

YesterdaySunday - October 21, 2018

Oct 21, 2018: If other people misinterpret what you say, you must accept part of the blame. Giving the world a vague explanation of what you're feeling and then being annoyed when they don't get you is not a fair strategy. Be more specific in your communication, and a marvelous thing will happen: People will know what you want, and work harder than you ever hoped to give it to you. This is especially true in romantic relationships, but it applies everywhere else, too.

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