Daily Career Horoscope For Scorpio

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Scorpio ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov )
TodayMonday - June 25, 2018

Jun 25, 2018: This morning is an excellent time to finalize remaining plans and lock down the last details. After all, people are headed back home and you're ready to clean, clean, clean! Recover from this long holiday weekend -- it's time to take a breath and relax!

TomorrowTuesday - June 26, 2018

Jun 26, 2018: Watch out for a series of small setbacks that could turn into a major hassle. If you're on your guard, you'll quickly recover from anything that comes your way, but it will take lots of time -- and probably won't get resolved until after the new year.

YesterdaySunday - June 24, 2018

Jun 24, 2018: You're content to sit in the recliner, sip eggnog and listen to Johnny Mathis belt out Christmas carols, all the while ignoring the disaster going on in the kitchen. But you're an ace when it comes to delegation -- why don't you use your mad skills to solve a few holiday-induced personality problems.

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